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Founded in 1996 Investor Money has grown to one of the main sources of latest news and learning resources for investors and financial market analysts throughout the world through our network of partners.

The Investor Money teams goal is to help investors have a better understanding of the complex world of investing. With our team of over 100 we provide tools, reviews and financial market news to hundreds of thousands of users every week.

We are one of the best financial news websites, serving our readers with trading news, views, analysis, suggestions and related content to help better understanding of the financial world. We offer the publication free and all the articles are based on research. The facts are collected from multiple sources to make the statements authentic as well as reliable.

We focus on providing trading news content to people of various industries and segments like those who are in the management of profit and non-profit enterprises, large and small trade associations, unions, government agencies, businesses, universities and schools, etc.

We follow simple as well as colloquial writing styles to make key points of our content easy to understood. We provide valuable informatoin to our readers about how to manage the complex world of retirement planning, insurance, taxes, investing, health care, travel, financing college, and many other essential topics.

Editorial Policy

We are followers of strict editorial policies and the primary philosophy is to provide authentic news content to our readers. All the stories published here are selective and based on geographical and thematic finance related categories. We try to keep our readers engaged through our well-researched write-ups.

Our authors are unbiased and follow strict fact checking and compliance procedures.

Code Of Ethics

Our ethical standard is high and rigid. Our approach is unique in our own way based on strict ethical notes. All the trading news content published on our website abides by the basic ethics of humanity and civilized society and fact checking.

Investor Money Philosophy

Our website is synonymous with being fair and honest. We source trading news, resources and information from multiple platforms and interpret it on our website to help readers get the exact content as we believe to be accountable to our readers. We cross-check all the collected information for facts before publishing it on our website.

Multiple Information Sources

All our articles and editorials are well-analyzed and well-researched to help readers understand the correct investment options and risks available in the market to earn money either in the short run or long term. The information for our content is collected from various sources to confirm the authenticity. We follow a fair policy of providing the right information that may help investors and traders and clearly at all times state the risks.


We believe in publishing articles that are accurate and over the years we have earned a good reputation for our credibility. We have a dedicated research team to check the facts and avoid errors. However, human errors are sometimes unavoidable and we are not free from them. We try to focus on acknowledging the factual errors and correct the mistakes at the earliest opportunity. We simultaneously encourage our readers to help us make the published content error-free by pointing out the errors to us.


We believe in diversity and hence follow a typical recruiting process. We try to hire candidates of various backgrounds and remove unnecessary barriers in the selection procedure. We also believe in diversity in ethics, race, gender and ethnicity.

We try to hire the right talent for the right position. All our employees enjoy their professional lives here and find the working atmosphere cool. We take care of the staff to an optimum level and pay them one of the best in the industry. We believe to have the same hiring attitude in years to come.

Core Values

We have a diverse team and the primary focus is always to publish authentic trading news content on our website.